“I just wish to congratulate anyone associated with the pour of the 6th May and today’s pour. Everything went smoothly starting from great service and great quality concrete”.

“Larger pours of this nature with oxide additives can often be a problem, but we at Clas Concrete have been extremely happy and wanted to let you know”.

“Thanks to you and all your staff”.

Donald Shields
Clas Concrete



“The simple fact that Cherio Civil Works can talk to the allocator direct and explain all these issues is very important which is something other suppliers may take for granted”.

George Neou
Cherio Civil



“John E Hogan Pty Ltd have had a business relationship with Metromix for over 20 years. We have continually found the products supplied to us to be invaluable to our jobs and projects”.

“Throughout the whole of the organisation, the departments that we have dealt with, from the Loader Drivers to the Administration, we have always found the staff helpful and courteous and are more than happy to recommend their services”.

Savino Lombardelli
John E Hogan Pty Ltd



“I wish to pass on our appreciation for the exemplary service provided over the current year and previous years”.

“Metromix sets an example of professionalism far ahead of the opposition and up until now Metromix has and continues to ‘set the standards’ in customer service, quality of product, and material delivery”.

“Unfortunately and sadly enough the other service providers appear unable to match Metromix’s attitude towards customer service for quality assurance tracking that is required in this highly competitive industry.”

Ray Davies
Fulton Hogan Industries, Rutherford