ZERO HARM – It’s the way we do business

The ZERO HARM approach is about each of us working together so that we do not cause injury or harm to ourselves, others or the environment. It means creating awareness and building strong relationships with our people, customers, community, governments, contractors, shareholders and our supply chain, to help grow our business in a sustainable way.

Safety and Sustainable environmental practices are core values of Metromix and ZERO HARM is an outcome we want to achieve.

Health & Safety

At Metromix we believe that workplace injuries or illnesses are preventable. We are committed to protecting our people by identifying and controlling hazards, eliminating health and safety risks and support their health and well being.

Throughout our business we have systems and processes in place that move us above and beyond compliance, and address the risks and hazards that our people face in various operational environments. We have implemented tools and programs to engage, support and develop our people at all levels.

At Metromix we proactively communicate with our people to ensure that health and safety is the number one priority – at work, at home and in transit.

Health & Safety


At Metromix, our operating activities include the extraction of aggregates and sand, the transportation of these materials, and the manufacturing of concrete. Understanding and managing our impacts during these activities is fundamental to our long-term business success.

We are committed to the development of robust environmental management systems to identify and manage potential environmental risks.

In 2009, we joined the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) Sustainability Advantage program to guide and support us in reducing our operational risks in areas such as legislative compliance and climate change.

Through this program we identified business opportunities through resource efficiency programs, and developed sustainable products and services. An example of this is the introduction of sustainable concrete products developed to lower carbon emissions and utilise recyclable materials. We are also actively lowering our fuel, energy and water consumption across all business units.

Metromix is committed to providing sustainable solutions within the communities we operate in. Big Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to Care.

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