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Metromix produces high quality aggregates from its two quarries located in Lithgow and Newcastle. Quarrying provides society with the vital raw materials to build homes, roads, railways, airports, schools and hospitals and to give us clean drinking water and effective sewerage systems.

Quarrying also brings with it a responsibility to protect and preserve valuable and finite raw materials and to minimise the effect of quarrying on both the landscape and the communities in which we operate.

We meet quality standards for aggregates to be supplied to the premixed concrete and road surfacing industries, and the building and construction sectors. All our materials meet Australian Standards for quarry products, and we manufacture our materials to meet local road, rail and water specifications.

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ISO 9001 Quality Management


Metromix produce a range of coarse aggregates for concrete, asphalt, sealing and drainage purposes.

In concrete they are an essential part of the mix and the shape, size and texture of the rock is produced to conform with concrete specifications.

Used in road surfacing, aggregates are imperative for durable and sustainable road infrastructure.

Aggregates can also be used in projects when pipes are laid or when a surface needs to be free-draining.

Metromix produce the following aggregates listed in the table below.

Marrangaroo Catalogue

Teralba Brochure

Teralba Quarry Product Technical Guide

Marrangaroo Quarry Product Technical Guide

Raw Materials Key Terms

Product End Use
7mm Aggregate For concrete production (including Shotcrete), asphalt, drainage & filter around pipes.
10/7mm Aggregate For concrete production, drainage & filter around pipes.
10mm Aggregate For concrete production, asphalt, & sealing aggregate for roads, highways & car parks.
10/14mm Aggregate Drainage & filter around pipes.
14mm Aggregate Asphalt & sealing aggregate for roads, highways & car parks, and as drainage & filter material.
20mm & 20/14mm Concrete production, drainage & filter around pipes.
40mm graded & 40/20mm Aggregate Drainage & filter material around pipes.


Sands are a particularly vital quarry material. Sand can be natural or manufactured to a desired size. When used in concrete production, the sand properties also contribute to how the concrete performs, so regular testing is crucial.

Sands are typically used as drainage and filter materials, in road construction and under concrete slabs and pavers.

Metromix produce the following Sands listed in the table below.

Marrangaroo Catalogue

Teralba Brochure

Product End Use
Fine Sand Bedding sand under concrete slabs, brickies sand, plasterers sand, rendering sand, playground sand, golf course sand.
Anna Bay Sand Anna Bay Sand is a clean, fine, silica rich dune sand, and extremely low in chloride and sulphate. It is suitable for use in soils, electrical conduit trenching, rendering & tiling applications as well as fill. Test results are available on request.
Manufactured Course Sand For concrete production, general fill, pipe bedding, under slab fill, in the manufacture of blocks and pavers, as a replacement for natural sand and Subsoil Drainage Material.


Roadbases such as sub-base and base course materials are used in road construction and under paved areas.

We deliver roadbase materials at Optimum Moisture Content levels to maximise performance in placement and compaction.

Metromix produce the following roadbases listed in the table below.

Marrangaroo Catalogue

Teralba Brochure

Product Compliance Location
20mm n/s sub-base Non-spec Teralba only
Class R1 & R2 IPWEA Teralba only
NGB20-2C AUS-SPEC / ARRB SR41 Teralba only
NGS20 AUS-SPEC / ARRB SR41 Teralba only
RRB20 Teralba only
Modified Roadbase AUS-SPEC / ARRB SR41 (Various percentages available on request) Teralba only
Road base Non-spec Marrangaroo only
DGB20 RMS 3051 Marrangaroo only
DGS40 RMS 3051 Marrangaroo only

Fill Materials

Fill materials are generally used to raise and level land, build up road shoulders and for remediation work.

Metromix produce the following fill materials listed in the table below.

Marrangaroo Catalogue

Teralba Brochure

Product Description
General Fill VENM Certified General Fill from the Teralba Quarry. Easily Compacted.
Select Fill Compliant to RMS 3071.
-100mm Fill Suitable for remediation work, as hardstand material, and for fill in petrol stations which have their tanks removed. 
Fill Scalps Available in 14mm and 20mm sizes.

Large Rocks

Large sized aggregates have different applications to that of smaller graded aggregates. Large material can be used as oversize decorative boulders such as ‘feature rocks’ to provide a more natural look to gardens and landscape applications, for example structural retaining walls and garden edging.

Metromix produce the following large rocks listed in the table below.

Marrangaroo Catalogue

Teralba Brochure

Product Description
Gabion Used for retaining walls, stone pitching, erosion protection, sea walls, wave protection on beaches and rivers, gabion rock baskets.  Manufactured to RMS  specifications.
Rail Ballast Manufactured to Australian Rail Track Corporation and Railcorp. specifications for retaining sleepers on rail lines.petrol stations which have their tanks removed. 

Decorative Pebbles

The geological properties of a rock will not only affect how it performs in various applications, but also how it looks when used as a decorative pebble. Quartz or quartzite can be a wide range of colours; river pebbles tend to be brown, blue and sometimes white; and basalt appears blue to black. This all depends on nature and how the rock came to be – part of a river bed, formed in a volcanic process, or sedimentation.

Metromix sell various sizes of decorative pebbles which are used in exposed concrete paths and driveways, in polished concrete, and as free draining pebbles in landscape gardens.

Note: Due to the natural source of our decorative pebble range, there will be natural variations in the colour and shape of pebbles.

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