Roadbases such as sub-base and base course materials are used in road construction and under paved areas.

We deliver roadbase materials at Optimum Moisture Content levels to maximise performance in placement and compaction.

Metromix produce the following roadbases listed in the table below.

Product Compliance Location
Road base Non-spec Marrangaroo only
20mm n/s sub-base Non-spec Teralba only
DGB20 RTA 3051 Marrangaroo only
DGS40 RTA 3051 Marrangaroo only
NGB20-2C AUS-SPEC / ARRB SR41 Teralba only
NGS20 AUS-SPEC / ARRB SR41 Teralba only
Modified Roadbase AUS-SPEC / ARRB SR41 (Various percentages available on request) Teralba only