High Performance

When your project demands more specialised performance requirements of the concrete mix, Metromix has the products to suit your needs.

Product Description
HIGH-EARLY High Early Strength concrete @ 24 hours, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 7 days. 20mm or 10mm aggregate size and 80mm slump.
HI-STRENGTH Available as 65 MPa, 80 MPa, & 100 MPa compressive strength concrete, with a 10mm aggregate size.
GP, SL CEMENT General purpose Portland, Shrinkage Limited (Type GP & SL) cement concrete, with no supplementary cementitious materials of fly ash, silica fume and GGBFS-slag.
LOW SHRINKAGE For the lowest drying shrinkage of hardened concrete, with an average 450 microstrain at 56 days. Available with 20mm aggregate size.
MICRO FIBRES Synthetic Fibre Reinforced concrete (SNFRC); a range of synthetic fibres are used. Available using 20mm or 10mm aggregate size, and at 80mm slump.
SR, LH CEMENT Sulphate Resisting, Low Heat (Type SR & LH) cement concrete, for marine or aggressive soil environments. 20mm or 10mm aggregate & 80mm slump.
SELF WORKING Super workable concrete; Overseas the concrete is referred to as self levelling, self compacting, or self consolidating concrete. Available at 260mm slump at certain plants; additional compaction & finishing is required.
STEEL FIBRES Steel Fibre Reinforced concrete (SFRC); a range of steel fibres are used. Available at 20, 25, 32, 40 & 50MPa, using 20mm aggregate size and at 80mm slump. 
STRESSING High Early-age strength of 22 or 25MPa at 2, 3, 4, and 5 days, required for post-tensioned concrete construction with on-site air-curing of test samples. There is a maximum limit of 10% flyash for this application.