Thinking about giving your home driveway a makeover?

Are you an architect and need a new ‘look’ for a building design you’re working on?

Or are you a concreter and you’ve been asked to source a supplier for a specified concrete design?

No matter what your requirements, Metromix have the decorative concrete product you need.

Product Description
EXPOSED AGGREGATE A large selection of crushed or rounded aggregates and/or blends. eg. River gravels, Black basalt, White quartz.
PATTERN PAVE Available using 10mm aggregate size, at 80mm slump.
OFF-WHITE CEMENT Specially manufactured Off-White Portland cement. Available in strength grades 20, 25, 32, 40 & 50MPa, using 20mm and 10mm nominal aggregate, and at 80mm slump. 
COLOURED CONCRETE Made to measure, or select from our readily available range. Combined with Off-white cement or Blended cement we provide a large selection of aggregates to blend - different sizes, crushed, round, natural colours e.g. River gravels, Black basalt, White quartz, and other products from the Metromix Decorative Stone range. Plus we also stock a large selection of coloured oxides and concentrations.


Note: Due to the use of natural materials in concrete mixes, there will be natural variations in the colour and shape of materials used.